About Us!

    A home-town, family-run business, Meola's had humble beginnings. Founder, Anthony A. Meola, Sr. began working at a West Boylston dairy at the young age of 10. Eight years later, he had developed a wealth of knowledge, and with a creative mind for business, officially opened Meola's. Times were hard, and on his first day of deliveries, the entrepreneur's horse unexpectedly kicked the proverbial bucket. But Meola didn't let that get him down. He bought another horse, and trotted off toward success. Meola's delivered milk to public schools and local hospitals, and in the 1980's opened what we know today as the Meola's Ice Cream stand, originally serving 35 flavors. Through the years, two more Meola's locations took root, one in nearby Sterling, and the other just one town over, in Leominster. For over 100 years, Meola's has been a family-run business, keeping family at the center of all that they do. Still mindful of their father/grandfather's vision and creative mind for business, the third generation of the Meola family still serves up high-quality ice cream, with that home-town touch that New Englanders know and love. Staying true to the founder's desire for only the best quality, Meola's now serves up 65 flavors of the same high-quality ice cream and frozen yogurt. Maintaining that small-town feel, Meola's is a great place to enjoy life's simple pleasures, wrapped up in a sweet and crunchy cone.